08.12.19 Kodak

Zum zweiten Advent gibt es nun eine kleine Ausnahme, nämlich einen „normalen“ janalog-Beitrag.
Ich möchte euch mal in meine kleine, von den ursprünlichen Werbeanzeigen getrennte, Kodak-Satzsammlung einweihen. Diese ist wohl kaum komplett, jedoch für mich absolut faszinierend.

  • „Use Kodak Film – to be sure“
  • „Modern Girls need a modern Kodak“
  • „The World is mine – I own a Kodak“
  • „The Kodak Story – The Story of the Kodak album it’s a continued and never concluded story, that grips you stronger with every chapter – a story that fascinates every member of the family […] because it’s a personal story full of human interest. Let Kodak keep that Story for you“
  • „Kodak, as you go. Wherever the purr of our motor lures you, wherever the all of the road leads you, there you will find pictures, untaken, pictures that invite your Kodak – intimate pictures of people and places that you and your friends can enjoy again and again as youre thumb the leaves of your Kodak album. And you can take them“
  • „Motoring with a Kodak“
  • „Let pictures, made from your own point of view, keep the Story of your personal impressions“
  • „Vorbei ist der Winter! Wählen Sie rasch ihren Kodak“
  • „Click“ went the ‚Kodak'“
  • „Kodak is the ally of every other sport. The more fun you have, the more Pictures you’ll want – and it’s easy with a Kodak from the first“
  • „Kodak keeps the Story – What a chance for a picture – and how easy it all is the Kodak way. ‚click‘ the shutter goes, and the story stays – for all time“
  • „At home with the Kodak“
  • „Taking me“
  • „Let the childen Kodak“
  • „Kodak Simplicity“
  • „Of course Papa lets me Kodak“
  • „Kodak knows no dark days“
  • The Kodak Letter
  • „Visit your man in the Service with snapshots“
  • „Double your Week-End fun. Go with a Kodak. The snapshots you want tomorrow you must make to-day“
  • „Hunt with a Kodak“